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We hope you’ve found this climate change micro-website to be of value. You can access the knowledge equivalent of hundreds of such climate change micro-websites in the full **Climate Web** which now includes more than 100,000 climate change information building blocks linked together in more than 250,000 ways. It’s an amazing tool built with powerful knowledge management software [(TheBrain)](, and if there is an answer to climate change it’s probably in the **Climate Web**.

That said, we have built a number of micro-websites:

  • (introducing all the micro-sites)

  • Climate Web Overview (a basic overview of the Climate Web - a video companion is coming soon)

  • Recent Climate News (Reports and news and opinion pieces recently added to the Climate Web)

  • Climate Chess (an introduction to the ultimate planetary board game, and the best opportunity for successfully tackling climate change)

  • Climate Quotes (a selection of quotes that help explore why climate change has been so difficult to tackle)

  • Climate Videos (helping you explore the more than 3,000 videos organized in the Climate Web)

  • Post-Trump Climate Action (what will a Biden Presidency do to tackle climate change given the mixed results of the 2020 election?)

  • Carbon Offsets 101 (an entry-level exploration of the idea behind and the implementation of carbon offsets)

  • Carbon Offsets Round 2 (can offset markets grow dramatically, as recently suggested by former Bank of England Governor Mark Carney?)

  • Microtargeting Climate Communications (how can 100 million Americans concerned about climate change better contribute to climate progress?)

  • CliFi - Climate Fiction (helping you explore this new genre and the role it could play in tackling climate change)

  • Business Climate Change Due Diligence (an overview of the surprises that a business due diligence review of climate risks and opportunities might suggest)

  • Worst Case Climate Change COMING SOON (is worst case climate change a useful discussion topic? And if not, what’s the better alternative?)

  • Climate Change Scenario Planning COMING SOON (an overview of the background literature of scenario planning, and the key issues in applying it to climate change decision-making)

  • Bibliography - Corporate Purpose (helps you explore what to expect of companies when it comes to tackling wicked problems like climate change)

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